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Kritik Productions is an edutainment company that is dedicated to producing original content for the screens and for the stage.

It seeks to promote modern African traditions through the production of family oriented feature length films, TV series and stage plays to Ghanaians, Africans, the Diaspora and the world at large. The company has in her repertoire major stage plays since 2008, like Closing the GAP, Fake Pastors, Math in the bedroom, Love Net, Lovers' Agony, Mirror on the wall and When the Virgins Got Married all written and produced by the Ceo, Evans Eyram Adorkor.

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It signals the talent to start acting and for everyone else on the set to be completely quiet.


Coverage refers to the shooting of a particular scene from different angles.


Striking refers to removing an object from the set or scene.

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Our Services

We offer full range of services for almost any movie-industry company .


A script is meant to be the technical instructions of what you are seeing on screen. It includes dialogue, as well as actions for the characters and what the camera sees. A Script serves as a planning device for Production. Kritik Production is here to make your ideas of storytelling documented.


Film directing is a very important aspect of production. The way in which it is done drastically affects the outcome and success of the film. Not only are directors involved in the artistic conceptualizing of films, but they perform several important roles that contribute to the overall outcome of the final production. As a production company or individual who wishes to have a film made, it is advisable to hire a professional company as Kritik Productions for the best directors to create your ideal film.

Workshop Practices

Kritik Productions often engages young filmmakers and the creative arts in practical production department workshops. This is to orient our creative personnel in the Creative industry ie. Film and theater productions to embrace the current changes in our film and theater industry.

What Our Audience Have to Say

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When the Virgins got married, A PLAY with lots of lessons and entertainment. Can't wait for their next play.

Jacinta Kwao
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Kritik Productions never disappoints. Indeed every seconds counts. Kudos!!!

Jonas Dodzi Avornyo
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Evans Eyram Adorkor never disappoints, anything from Kritik Productions is always super-packed.

Ese Esi
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As a Creative Writer, there is nothing as intriguing as a debatable topic which has been played out in a stage drama addressing all the essentials. I supported my brother Eyram Igwe, CEO of Kritik Productions at Christ the King, Parish Hall as he staged his play "When The Virgins Got Married". The interesting piece highlighted the necessary but avoided discussion the church refuses to talk about - SEX. Good job Eyram Evans Adorkor.

Mr. Smart Nixon
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Ghana must watch out for the next big thing in the movie-industry , Kritik Productions, go higher..

Godwin Degbey

Social Media Marketer

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